1.Planning and sales of testing instruments for civil engineering.
2.Production and sales of various material test instruments.
3.Production and sales of weighers.
4.Export of testing instruments or weighers.
5.Installation and underground installation of testing instruments or weighers and any associated construction works.
6.Sales and production of grinding, cutting and finishing equipment and the material.
7.Trade-in, repair and sales of machines.
8.Any service associated with the items on the right.

Our product lines
● Test apparatus for civil engineering and construction
  Test apparatus for Cement and Concrete
  Test apparatus for Soil property
  Cutting machines for Testing and Researches
  Test apparatus for Rock and Stones
  Test apparatus for Asphalt
  Laboratory equipment for structual dynamics
● Hydraulic laboratory equipment
● Test apparatus for Composite material test apparatus
● Test apparatus for Automobile related
● Test apparatus for Medical related
● Test apparatus for for consumer product safety
● Measuring instruments
● MARUTO ring (Ring spring shaped power meter)
※ The production of the prototype and the test machine that accedes to a request is recieved.